Glass Card

One of the oldest crafts in the world, the art of crystal glass, has evolved tremendously in recent years and incredible masterpieces are being created in this old yet new medium.

While the mystique of glass is not what it was a thousand years ago, it’s beauty and elegance remains unmistakable and it’s fashion timeless.

Don’t be fooled by imitations.  Semi-personalized acrylic gifts are popular and can be purchased just about anywhere, but for that special person or that very special occasion, do you really want to give her or him a piece of plastic?

We harvest only the best and purest crystal glass for our cards, using Optic Crystal and fine Starfire glass.

Optic Crystal is 100% Lead Free and extremely hard. It is this hardness that provides the basis for the brilliant cuts and bevels, as well as the ultra high polished surfaces. Each piece of Optic Crystal is hand polished and beveled. Optic Crystal, clear and flawless, represents the ultimate expression of excellence. Optic Crystal when manufactured, is subjected to tremendous pressure to ensure there are no bubbles, flow lines or other distortions. What an ideal way to show your appreciation to that special lady.

Starfire Clear Glass is a lead free, low iron product that represents the very best in non-crystal glasswork. Manufactured and cut with great precision, you won’t find a better value – or more elegant canvas for your words.

“Of all the gifts he’s given me, I love my glass card the most! It’s beautiful, unusual, and took some real thoughtfulness”
Daphne T. – Chicago, IL