Wedding Glass Card Giveaways

5 Brilliant Wedding Giveaways (Wedding Glass Card Giveaways)

Greeting Cards

Your wedding day is considered the most awaited occasion in your life, and what’s a better way

to share such dazzling moment with your guests and friends through wedding giveaways. One

charming giveaway you can give your guests are wedding glass card giveaways.

Delight your guests and friends with straightforward, cost-effective, and unforgetable treats as

giveaways on your wedding.


Wedding Glass Card Giveaways

1. Homemade Granola

Sweet or savory? Give your guests the options to choose from a mix of flavorful munchies that are certain to be devoures in the car ride home. Fill mason jars with scrumptious snack. Pop on a label so it’s effortless for guests to grab the mix they want as they go.


2. Signature Soda Pop

Signature drinks aren’t just for cocktail hour. Send pals and loved ones with a refreshing reminder of your big day. You can also give them wedding glass card giveaways along with it if you want. Begin with a bottle of soda pop, attach a fashionable straw, and reveal the recipe of your signature drink.


3. Wedding Glass Card Giveaways

Instead of simple wedding cards, why not give you guests and friends wedding glass card giveaways that are gauranteed to last longer than those ordinary wedding cards that are mostly made of paper, and they might throw it away after the wedding.

Just always remember that whatever your giveaways are, the most important thing you can share with your family and friends is the memorable occasion.

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