Glass Card

You already know the right time – Anytime. However, special occasions lend themselves to an Elite Glass Card. Here are some…

– Wedding Day
– Birthday
– Engagement
– Congratulations
– Mother’s Day
– Promotion

– Anniversary
– Graduation
– Get Well
– Holidays
– Valentine’s Day
– Award

Don’t forget the “Other” women in your life – Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, relatives, etc.

In addition to special occasions, an Elite Glass Card is the perfect way to say…

– I love you                            – Marry me
– I miss you                           – Thank you
– I’m sorry                             – Thinking of you

Of course, the smart guy knows that the best time to present her with a card may be for no special reason at all.

The truth is, a beautiful crystal card engraved with a special message is not ONLY for gentlemen to offer their ladies, but ladies, order one for your guy, or for a girlfriend’s special day, or just someone that needs a lift.

“Since I bought her some ‘bling’, it only made sense to go with a crystal birthday card to match”
Carl Y. – Denver, CO