Glass Card
Our journey began as designers of beautiful glass wedding invitations in 2007.  We soon realized that women loved the style and elegance in the cards we were creating, and would appreciate them on any occasion.

We may not have invented them, but we may be the only company solely dedicated to designing, developing and offering only the best glass and crystal specialty cards to women around the world that share our appreciation for finer things.

What makes us different?  Our cards are unquestionably unique.  Our designers and craftsmen are singularly dedicated to YOU, which has resulted in a collection that is second to none and getting larger every day.  And, if you have an idea that you don’t see here, call us and we’ll design it for you.

And yes, we are still the largest crafters of premium glass wedding invitations.

We have been very fortunate to serve our loyal and very passionate clients who share our same appreciation for uniqe glass and crystal ware. We love what we do and find great joy in helping ladies and gentlemen find the perfect design and medium that inspires and leaves a lasting impression.

“I don’t want to reveal my secret, but every guy who has a wife, girlfriend, or family should know about these cards.”
Christopher M. – Atlanta, GA